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Why Do Some Ideas Feel Great – Then Fail Big?

Some ideas feel great when you first hear them. These are the ideas where everyone says, “Let’s do that.” For example, what idea had more promise than the One Child / One Laptop initiative?



Can Pots & Pans Go OmniChannel?

When Chuck Williams invented the concept of a store for cooking fanatics in 1975 --- Williams Sonoma --- he probably never saw this coming. But today, his eponymous store chain could care less whether you come into their stores or not. Really? Can that be true?   (more…)


After Amazon and Apple, Who is Number Three?

Everyone knows that the top two ecommerce operators in the US, based on transactions are Amazon & Apple. Who’s number three? While we are not exactly sure, it is probably Domino’s Pizza.



Is it Alzheimer’s? Or is it Ebola?

Thinking about the big health risks which society needs to address, the impact of Alzheimer’s disease on women is truly daunting.



Weight For It?

Expliseat’s new titanium / composite aircraft seat is less than half the weight of its competition and is considered the most efficient economy-class seat for the Boeing 737 and Airbus 320. It was the first composite aircraft seat to pass dynamic 16 G-force crash tests while reducing fuel consumption estimated at $500,000 per year per aircraft.




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